Welcome and get ready to explore Indonesia’s best underwater marvels with Wallacea Dive Cruise.

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Wallacea has been cruising and exploring Indonesia’s best diving destinations since 2002. From the highly famed world-class diving destinations like Raja Ampat & Komodo to the secluded off-the-beaten-track Forgotten Islands, and many more. We never stop exploring, and we would like you to join us in our scuba diving adventure while enjoying the luxury of an Indonesian diving liveaboard experience.

We will always be glad to help you arrange every detail of your trip: safe domestic flights, transit, hotel reservation, trip extensions — underwater or on land. Just let us know what you need, as we are 24/7 at your service to offer you the best experience possible thanks to our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). 

We offer luxurious yet affordable diving cruises liveaboard from 6 to 15 nights in the Indonesian best destinations: Raja Ampat, Komodo, Forgotten islands, Banda sea, Ring of fire, Wakatobi, Central Sulawesi & Halmahera.

Standards are 3 dives/ day + night dives, multilingual cruise director, ratio of 4 divers/ 1 dive guide.

Our liveaboard boat, the MV Ambai, launched in July 2012 is specifically designed to provide the best experience in scuba diving. She accomodates up to 16 divers in great comfort. With modern conveniences such as a camera room and a large screen, the video/photographers have room to settle their camera and show their photos. With 3 dive tenders, FREE NITROX, 4 dive guides, a western cruise director and such a large dive deck, preparation to dive is easy and so comfortable!

Our luxurious dive boat offers:

✓ Great comfort, nice crew, large cabins
✓ Optimal diving experience
✓ Friendly atmosphere
✓ Excellente western-asian food
✓ Free Nitrox

The Tompotika Dive Lodge, an intimate resort that Wallacea just opened in East Sulawesi, Banggai area. Divers can enjoy the luxury of great muck dives and impressive reefs in this destination