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Explore the best of Alor & Komodo

This only-once-a-year cruise combines ALOR and Komodo diving. She will visit and dive the Alor Strait for 6 days, from North to South: the islands of Pantar, Kumba, Ternate, Pura and the Bay of Kalabahi.

The very clear and nutrient-rich upwelling waters bring in pelagics: sunfish (Mola- mola), reef sharks and sometimes hammerhead sharks, sailfishes. Whales also frequently pass through the strait.

Walls, drop-offs, boomies, and pinnacles are colorfully colored –one dive site has a bottom literally covered with anemones- ; In Alor, critters can be encountered in colorful reef environment and in the black sand bays of Kalabahi and Biang.

The second part of the cruise, we will cross the whole Flores Island to reach Komodo.

Komodo National Park is one of the greatest dive destinations, and one of the MOST diverse and rich marine environments in the world. These small islands fringed with sandy beaches are home of the famous Komodo dragon that you may see patrolling the beach or see chilling on a rock.

The coral reefs in the north of the park are rich with a colorful combination of hard and soft corals. Be delighted with the schools of anthias, wrasses, angelfish majestic, and predators like wide -reef sharks, tunas, and giant – trevallies. In the South, soft corals colors explode in variety and intensity together with numerous critters subjects.

Suggested flights from Jakarta:


Flights Jakarta - Alor
Flight Jakarta to Sorong

ID6540 + IW1943

JT690 + IW1931

03:10 - 09:20

05:00 - 13:15

Airlines Flights Labuanbajo - Jakarta

Flight Jakarta to Sorong



GA4692 + GA407

14:40 - 16:10


09:15 - 12:55

Environment and context:

This large region, administratively part of the Moluccas islands, is a long chain of islands - and reefs- ranging from Timor to West Papua, following the Sunda Islands. Outlying urban centers, these "forgotten islands" remained largely isolated from the rest of Indonesia and the world. They also form the boundary of the Wallace line: this transition region between the Cloras and faunas of Eastern in one side and Australian's on the other.

Several routes include some of these islands, in combination with some of the islands of the Sunda. These remote islands being - because of their exposure to waves and vagues- accessible to diving only during calm inter-monsoon periods, scuba divers are rare and many sites are still waiting to be overdrafts. Visibility is generally good to excellent, and the variety of dives is important: large reefs lost in the sea on island arc with the inside presence of pelagic species (including hammerheads in autumn), macro on the islands Wetar and Babar , steep walls covered with black corals teeming jacks and napoleons on the islands of Watubela, barracudas and other pelagic species on islands Sermata.

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Water temperature

22°C à 27°C.



Should be sunny,dry with a little breeze.


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