Wangi Wangi - Bau Bau Itinerary

Day 0: 

This itinerary is just an indication and is subject to changes during the cruise.

Day 1: 

Welcome at Wangi-Wangi airport in Tukan Besi Archipelago. Transfer to the boat, welcome drink, installation, briefing, departure. Check dive in the afternoon for the guests who are not too tired...

Day 2: 

4 dives in the Tukan Besi islands, around the islands of Wangi-Wangi and Kalepdupa.

Day 3: 

4 dives in Tukan Besi, aroind the islands and reefs of Tomia and Binongko

Day 4: 

4 dives in Tukan Besi islands, on the atolls of Koromaha, karang Koka and the islands of Moromaho. Night navigation to Btuon island

Day 5: 

3 dives in Tukan Besi islands. passage to East Buton island during the night.

Day 6: 

4 dives in Buton islands, 2 muck dives and one reef dive. Excellent critter life. Passage to Takabone rate during the night

Day 7: 

TakaboneRate archipelago. 4 dives

Day 8: 

Takabonerate, 4 dives

Day 9: 

Takabonerate, 3 dives.

Day 10: 

Takabonerate. 3 dives. Passage to Buton

Day 11: 

2 dives on the wnall islands of south west Buton

Day 12: 

Breakfast, Transfer to Bau-Bau airport according to flight schedule.