North Sulawesi Sangihe - 10 Nights Itinerary

Day 0: 

The itinerary is adapted and modified according to meteorological conditions, dive site conditions, currents, and guests preferences.

Day 1: 

Arrival in Manado. Reception by Wallacea staff at the airport and transfer to the boat in Bitung. Welcome drink, lunch, briefing, dive equipment setting up. A few minutes of navigation will bring us to a quiet anchorage in the Lembeh strait where we'll spend the night. 

Day 2: 

After a light breakfast and the first dive briefing, we are ready for the check dive. For this first dive we bring you to to Nudi retreatone one the most famous dive of  Lembeh and a good introduction to the North Sulawesi marine life: On the black black sand and reefs covers with soft corals, your guides will find for you a nice nudibranches, pygmea sea horses, Pegasus, Banggai cardinal fishes in their anemones, leaf  scorpion fishes, mantis shimps and many other species.
Back to the boat it is time for a good breakfast.
The second dive is named Angel Window because of an opening in the reef.  Around a submerged rock, a wall and a reef with a sandy slope.  Beautiful gorgonians and colorfull Feather stars with their shrimp, clingfish or squat lobster host. You can also generally find Ghost pipe fishes, scorpion fishes, shrimps and nudibranches Nembrotha and Flabellidae on the last part of the dive.
After this dive a 3 hours navigation will bring us to the beautiful bay of Sahaunge, fringed with mangroves,  in Bangka Island.Third dive in BangkaTanjung Husi : Crocodil fishes, devil fish, cuttlefish, nice soft corals.
Beautiful night dive on the same dive site. 
Night anchorage in the quiet bay of Sahaunge.

Day 3: 

The 4 dives takes place east of Bangka.

Batu Gosoh : Beautiful scenery with interesting topography, huge vertical rocks and walls, colorful soft corals, good fish life, sometime white tip sharks, turtles, flat worms, ghost pipe fish, pygmy sea horse. Despite macro, this is definitively a wide angle dive.

Tanjug Toto : Wall and rocks, very beautiful soft corals, orang outan crabs, nudibranches, flat worms; sometime current.

Batu tiga : Nice rock and soft corals sceneries but  interesting macro too: Leaf fish, frogfish, an many other.

After this dive, weather permiting, we will steam overnight to reach the northern point of the cruise, Mahagetang island where is the underwater volcano.

Day 4: 

Para islandFace Big : Start the day with this action dive. A rock pinnacle with a great fish life: School of barracudas and trevallies, dog tooth tunas, Napoleon wrasse, surgeon fish. An action dive often swiped by currents

Mahagetang, 2 dives on the Underwater volcano which is a large reefExceptional hard coral formations, very good visibility, canyon, big school of jack fish. On the top of the reef, form 7 to 3 mts, the volcano gaz bubbles are getting out from in between the rocks.

We spend the night in the large bay of Karaketang island, where we can do a night dive under the village jetty.

Day 5: 

Departure very early 2 dives in Nenung, un set of small rocky islets in the middle of the ocean. Beautiful underwater scenery with pinacles and wall,  cristal clear water, soft corals. Good fish life,barracudas, surgons, trevallies, occasionally white tips sharks; Currents.

Navigation to Siau (another active volcano with smoke from it’s summit at 1800 mts) .  2 dives “macro”, with between a bath in the « Jacuzzi », a hot water source from the volcano in a small creek.

Day 6: 

Siau, : The barge : wreck of a barge, 30 mts: Good coverage with black and soft corals, Napoleon wrasse, etc.

Mahoro rocks: Pinnacle SE of Siau (barracudas, napoleon wrasses, current) and a 3rd dive on a beautifuk wall covered with soft corals. Nght dive looking for the « blue ring Octopus ».

Day 7: 

Departure early morning to get to Riau

Tanjung Roda : Dive on a lava flow. Fantastic corals formations.

Tanjung Pasir : we do 2 dives + the night  on this very large and intresting muck dive. Sandy slope with coral patches, sea grass and yellow sponges. Soap fish, devil fish, nudibranches, ghost pipe fish, frogfish and even Rhinopias have been spotted here. 

Night navigaiton to Bangka islands

Day 8: 

Back to Bangka islands. Dive Batu Mandi, a very interesting rock with lot of critters; Sahaunge, another set of rocks full of soft corals and Tanjung Mokotamba which is a sand slope with a wall full of critters. Fabulous night dive at Paradise Jetty.

Day 9: 

After a first dive in Bangka islands, we enter the Lembeh strait for some muck dives. Black sand and critters. 

Day 10: 

Our last day of diving. One more muck dive in lembeh, and we go to the North of the strait where we dive a pinnacle, beautiful rock with soft corals and many creatures.After the lunch, we go to shore to Tankoko national park where we can see some other tupes of creatures: Sulawesi black macaques, tarsiers, red hornbills. 

Day 11: 

Breakfast, farewell and transfert to Manado Airport.