Komodo Cruise Labuanbajo-Bima 9 nights Itinerary

Day 0: 

Remark : Itineraries and  dive sites choice in Komodo are highly dependant on tides and meteorological conditions. Many dives have to be performed at a particular moment of the tide and the South of Komodo may be difficult to acess if the winds are too strong. For these reasons the itineray displayed here is not a fixed itinerary, but more an example of the multiple ways this cruise can be done.

Day 1: 

Arrival with Lion Air flight at 11 :40 at Labuanbajo. Welcoming at airport, transfer to the boat. Check in, Welcome drink, lunch, briefing. Check dive in the afternoon.

Day 2: 

4 dives

3 dives in the Northern part of Komodo. Tatawa besar - a drift dive along a slope covered with orange tone soft corals and brown sponges, where abunds snappers and  groupers, many turtles - Tatawa kecil - large boulders and rocks with sweetlips and sharks underneath and Siaba, another drift dive along a slope with nice overhangs -. Night dive.

Day 3: 

4 dives

2 dives in Padar, 3 siters and Pilarsteen.  Interesting topography on these 2 dives : pinnacles, huge boulders. Great fish life on 3 sisters, more critters on Pilarsteen.  3rd dive is secret garden, excellent for black corals and critters (ghost pipe fish, leaf fish). Night dive. Water here is generally 24°C from June to September. Alternatively, 3rd  dive and night dive will be in Pantai Merah, if there's too much swell in Padar.

Day 4: 

4 dives

At dawn, we head south to South Rinca and Nusa Kode island. In the protected horseshoe bay, we dive the famous cannibal rock:  great abundance of critters (frog fish, Coleman shrimps and zebra crabs on fire urchins, rare nudibranches, leaf fishes, sea apples), on a reef well covered with soft corals.

2nd dive on Yellow wall, with it’s incredible colors of soft corals, feather stars, green and yellow Tubastrea corals. Afternoon dive and night dive on Torpedo, an interesting muck dive site. Water is generally cold in this area, 22 to 24 °C. Between the dives, we often can see the Komodos dragons on the beach.

Day 5: 

4 dives

We cross the channel between Rinca and Komodo at early morning. Our 2 morning dives are on Manta Alley, in south komodo, a manta ray cleaning station. 3rd dive and night dive in Pantai Merah

Day 6: 

4 dives

North Komodo strait. Dives according to the tides, Batu Bolong, (a rock with dramatic seascape, huge boulders, and prolific fish life including reef sharks, napoleon wrasses, giant trevallies, etc) , karang Makasar ( a shallow drift  dive where we often spot manta rays). Short excursion in Rinca to observe the komodo dragons, Buffalos and deers. Excellent night dive in Vanilu.

Day 7: 

3 dives

North Komodo, Cristal rock, Castel rock, the highlit dives of Komodo, well known for their prolific fish life including reef sharks, Giant trevallies, shools of surgeon fish and Snappers. Shot gun, with it’s fantastic sandy coral garden, and some other dives of the Northern area. In the evening we will ascent a small mount to admire the sunset on Komodo islands.

Day 8: 

4 dives

North Komodo, another dive on Castel rockLampu (an excellent drift dive), the passage. Night dive

Day 9: 

2 dives 

Muck dives in Sangean island (dry river) or Bima area (famous Bethlehem muck dives) depending on the weather conditions. Night in Sangean or Banta, with an afternoon trek.

Day 10: 

Check out before noon and transfer to the aiport according to the return flight.