Bitung-Luwuk Itinerary

Day 0: 

You are still travelling to reach us....

Please note that this itinerary is only as a guide line, one option among the multiples we have.It can change according to prevailing condition - weather, visibilty, other diving conditions- durong the cruise. 

Day 1: 

Arrival at Manado International airport where you are welcomed by the Wallacea staff. Transfer to the boat in air conditioned vehicles (transfer takes around 1hour 20 minutes) which is moored in Bitung. Welcome drink, lunch, briefing. Departure during the night for Ratotok.

Day 2: 

Diving along the East coast of North and Central Sulawesi: ratatotok will be our check dive, on a gentle slope with nice corals and lot of critters. Dive will follow at Tanjung Flesko with more action around this rock packed with fishes. Napoleon wrasses, schools of surgeons fishes and baracudas, enormous murenas. The 3rd dive is a beautiful slope with many critters in the bay of Flesko, where we will do a night dive and spend the night. 

Day 3: 

Going West, we will dive along the coast in Bolsel area, a  recently discovered zone that looks very promising. 4 dives and a night dive

Day 4: 

Gorontalo area. Fantastic walls with overhangs, crevasses, beautiful soft corals and the famous "Dali" sponge (so called because of it's intricate swirling surface pattern). Also possibility to see whale sharks. we'l do thres dives + a night dive there before to navigate to Togian islands during the night

Day 5: 

Togian, Una-Una island. We will stay 2 days around this vocanic island (last eruption was in 1984 and the traces are clearly visible) where the dive sites look like boosted by the volcanic ashes. The dive site of Apollo is home for probably what is the biggest school of barracudas in Indonesia, tunas, napoleon wrasse, and lot of other fishes. Other dive sites have also very rich fish life; sponges of all shapes around Una-Una are enormous. 3 dives + night dive

Day 6: 

3 day dives + 1 night dive around the island of Una-Una

Day 7: 

Togian islands, Kadidiri area. 2 dives in Kadidiri including the sea mount of "Batu Gila" (crazy stone), where fish life is impressive, including generally grey reef sharks and eventually hammerhead sharks. We will then pass a narrow strait between the islands to reach the site of B24 plane wreck.

Day 8: 

During the night we reach the Eastern part of the Togian islands, and we will spend the day diving in Waleabahi area. Walls dropping in the blue, abundant fish and critter life and eventually manta rays. During the night we will steam to the end of the Peninsula that closes the South of Tomini Bay, the area of Pulau Dua. Wallacea loved so much the diving in this area that we did build a resort there. 

Day 9: 

Pulau Dua area. The diving take places on rocky ridges and pinacles or big boulders on sandy bottom. Colorfull soft corals, black corals, sea fans cover the rocky substrat; the fish life is exremely wealthy; While some reef dive sites are very fishy, some others are more for critters and macrophotography.

Dives in Pulau Dua area, night dive.

Day 10: 

3 Dives and night dive in Pulau Dua area.

Day 11: 

One or two dives in Pulau-Dua area, then we will go to visit a beach where we can observe Maleo birds, a rare bird that digs holes on beaches to borrow their egg. Here is protected one of the bigest remaining population of these birds. In the evening we steam to Luwuk, our disembarkation port.

Day 12: 

Breakfast, farewell, and transport to the Luwuk airport.