Forgotten Islands

This large region, administratively part of the Moluccas islands, is a long chain of islands - and reefs- ranging from Timor to West Papua, following the Sunda Islands. Outlying urban centers, these "forgotten islands" remained largely isolated from the rest of Indonesia and the world. They also form the boundary of the Wallace line: this transition region between the floras and faunas of Eastern in one side  and Australian's on the other.

Several routes in 2016, on Mv Ambai, include some of these islands, in combination with some of the islands of the Sunda Triton bay (west Papua) or Raja Ampat. These remote islands being - because of their exposure to waves and vagues- accessible to scuba diving liveaboard only during calm intermonsoon periods, scuba divers are rare and many sites are still waiting to be overdrafts. Visibility is generally good to excellent, and the variety of dives is important: large reefs lost in the sea on island arc with the inside presence of pelagic species (including hammerhead sharks in autumn in the Ring of Fire ), macro on the islands Wetar and Babar , steep walls covered with black corals teeming jacks and napoleons on the islands of Watubela, barracudas and other pelagic species on islands Sermata

  • A170410 - departure April 10: From Sorong to Saumlaki (Yamdena)
  • A170425 - departure April 25: From Saumlaki (Yamdena) to Kalabahi (Alor)
  • A170509 - departure May 9: From Kalabahi (Alor) to Maumere (Flores)
  • A170927 - departure September 27: From Maumere (Flores) to Kalabahi (Alor)
  • A171011 - departure October 11: From Kalahabi (Alor) to Saumlaki (Yamdena)
  • A171026 - departure October 26: from Saumlaki (Yamdena) to Kaimana

 Offshore reefs,  drop offs, clear waters with abundant fish life including pelagics -hammerheads sharks often spotted in this area in the Ring of fire -, cristal clear waters are the keywords of these dive sites seldom visited. 

  • Colonial anemones
  • Jenny's wall
  • Napoleon wrasse
  • Reef in Banda Sea
  • Squid during night dive
  • Crab on coral
  • Xenocrab on wipe coral
  • Sponge and coral

Dive Information


 Generally good to excellent in the Banda Sea. Good to best in Alor Strait and Nusa Tengarra. Variable in Misool and Triton Bay.

Water temperature

27-28°C in Misool, 28°C in the Banda Sea, can be colder in certain areas of Nusa Tengarra and in Alor where it can drops to 22 on some dive sites. 


Consistent in Misool , variable in the Banda Sea, strong on some dives in Alor Strait.

Travel Information

Cruise departure/ arrival airports :Sorong /Maumere or reverse. International airport can be Jakarta or Denpasar.

Daily flights Jakarta-Sorong and Denpasar Sorong, generally starts just after midnight. Maumere-Denpasar at 7:50 and 11:40.

Daily Flights Ambon-Saumlaki and reverse. In Ambon, connecting flights to all major cities of Indonesia, including Jakarta and Denpasar.

Please consult us for an updated flight schedule and some advise. You can book on line with most of the airlines, but of course we will be pleased to arrange these tickets for you.

Climate Information

A this time of the year, we should expect calm and flat seas. But...most of the navigation is in open seas !...