Alor & East Flores


One of our favourite Itinerary! Next departure 27 September (ref A170927). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 

The cruise will visit and dive the Alor Strait for 5 days, from North to South: the islands of Pantar, Kumba, Ternate, Pura and the Bay of Kalabahi. 

The very clear and nutrient rich upwelling waters brings in pelagics: sun fish (mola-mola), dogtooth tunas, reef sharks and sometime hammerhead sharks, sailfishes. Whales also frequently pass through the strait.
Walls, drop offs, boomies and pinnacles so colorful and so healthy! –one dive site has a bottom literally covered with anemones- ; In Alor critters can be encountered in colorful reef environment and in the black sand bays  of Kalabahi and Biang. 

Tide induced currents are strong in the strait, so caution must be taken in choosing the dives sites. In the northern part water temperature is about 26 to 28°C, and in the south it can drop to 22°C, around Pura island and in Biang Bay. We will explore some rarely dived  areas around the island of Twereg, and in the South of Alor and Pantar. 

We will visit a village where we will see traditional dances. In the bay of Biang, we will go ashore for a short trek on the slopes of the Sirung volcano. 

The second part of the cruise will be partially exploratory (we already know some dive sites but are looking for discovering more of them), visiting the South of Pantar islands and the straits between the islands of Pantar, Solor and Lembata.  A visit to the Komba active volcano for a spectacular night show is on the schedule. We will then head West to finish the cruise in Maumere.


  • Free diver in Alor Strait
  • Small yellow frog
  • Nudis in row

Dive Information


The tide-induced currents are strong in Alor, so we are very cautious in choosing the dive sites. However quick changes might occur and divers are advised to always stay cautious and prepared.


Excellent visibility with crystal clear water.


In the north, the water temperature is about 26-28°C (79-82F), while in the south it often drops to 20-25°C (68-77F) especially around Pura and in Biang Bay.





Climate Information

The climate is expected to be sunny and dry during the time of the cruise, with winds blowing from the southeast.